Missional Communities

The best way to get involved in the life of The Bridge Church is to become a part of a Missional Community (MC). Our MCs aren’t a meeting you attend, but rather a community to which you belong. It is in the context of MCs that we see what it means to follow Jesus in the day to day.

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Meet Sarah-Marie Smith, our volunteer of the week! Today was Sarah-Marie’s first day serving in one of our Bridge Kids classes. Oh, and that class happened to have 19 two & three year olds in attendance! Sarah-Marie and the other volunteers (Cameron Grissom and Denise Niles) were able to make sure all the kids had a blast, completed their craft, sang and danced in praise to Jesus, and were taught the Bible lesson for the day! Thank You Sarah-Marie, Denise, and Cameron! #BridgeKids #BridgeVOW

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The Bridge exists to make the real Jesus non-ignorable in Spring Hill and far beyond.

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