Missional Communities

The best way to get involved in the life of The Bridge Church is to become a part of a Missional Community (MC). Our MCs aren’t a meeting you attend, but rather a community to which you belong. It is in the context of MCs that we see what it means to follow Jesus in the day to day.

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Meet our Joe Coogan, our volunteer of the week! The past few weeks, Joe has been giving up his weeknights to lead the demolition at the new building! Walls are being torn down, dumpsters are being filled, money is being saved, but most of all…we are creating more space for people to come and hear the good news of Jesus, friend of sinners! Thanks for serving and laying down your life for the cause of Christ in Spring Hill and beyond! ‪#‎BridgeVOW‬ ‪#‎RelocationProject‬

If you’d like to volunteer with the demo or other projects at the new building, click here!




The Bridge exists to see people's lives beautifully wrecked by the gospel in our city and beyond

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