Whatever is important to Spring Hill is important to The Bridge so Craig and I took our lunch breaks to roll over to the press conference on the rumored theme park in Spring Hill.

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For now, here were the highlights…
Here was a direct quote from the Mayor of Spring Hill to start the press conference…

“This is much bigger than a simple amusement park.  This is a family-themed recreation development that will include over 80 restaurants, a sports complex, a theme park, a water park, a charter school, an amphitheater, and many other items.”

Quotes from Dennis W. Peterson, CEO of the company who’s building Festival Tennessee…

“We have a water park coming in – one of the largest in the United States.”

“We have two resort hotels with 4,000 rooms each.”

“We are contacting the NBA to try and bring an NBA team here to Spring Hill.”

“The revenue from this project will generate $400-800 million yearly.”

“We’re gonna hire local people; we’re not hiring people from out of state.”

  • The preliminary master plans include the following (see picture above)…
    • Theme park, 80 acres
    • Theme park expansion, 8 acres
    • Theme park parking, 50 acres
    • General parking, 83 acres
    • Service area, 37 acres
    • Amphitheater, 4 acres
    • Water park, 10 acres
    • Park Hotel, 12 acres
    • Entertainment Complex Hotel, 10 acres
    • Conference Center Hotel, 25 acres
    • Timeshare parcel, 35 acres
    • Pool ammenities, 12 acres
    • Conference Center, 12 acres
    • Entertainment Complex, 20 acres
    • Lake, 10 acres
  • Other things that were mentioned
    • They’ve been in talks with the NBA about bringing a team to this area (we want LeBron!)
    • Over 80 restaurants have committed tobe a part of the development
    • A charter school for kids is a definite part of the plans
    • Two resort hotels with 4,000 rooms per hotel
  • They only plan to hire outside of this area as a last resort.  It was strongly emphasized that their plans are to hire locally.
  • The estimated total cost of the project is $750 million.  It was STRONGLY emphasized that this will not cost the city, country, or state of Tennessee a penny. “No taxes will be raised” was a direct quote.
  • Estimated annual revenue for Festival Tennessee is $400-800 million (again, that’s per year)
  • They’re currently planning for a soft opening on Thanksgiving Day of 2012
  • The closest thing to the plans for this project would be a “mini Disney World”
  • The company that’s driving this project was cited as “Big International Group of Entertainment Inc” and is a Nevada-based corporation. Dennis W. Peterson is the CEO that spoke at the press conference.
  • This project will generate an estimated 10-15,000 jobs minimum worldwide
  • The total plan covers a scope of 1,500 acres on Jim Warren, I-65, and Saturn Parkway
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