OK, I have to admit that the title of this blog post has NOTHING to do with what I am about to write, but supposedly posting this in the title of a blog post will help people find The Bridge when they search the web for a church in Spring Hill, TN! Also, I truly believe that more people need to partner with what God is doing in and through The Bridge Church (the people…not the building/institution)! So with that said, here is my actual post:

The Playerhood of Every Believer:

Recently, I have been reflecting on my time in full-time ministry. I have been in full-time, paid, vocational ministry for 7 years now! I love (I mean REALLY LOVE) working for the Church and am fully confident of God’s calling on my life to do ministry. There is also a side of me that sees the incredible missional potential of Christians who work in other industries (teachers, doctors, lawyers, baristas, business men/women, students, etc) and longs to personally have that kind of influence and reach in our community. I often wonder if other Christians who aren’t in “vocational ministry” see their missional potential or if they see “ministry” as something that a “pastor” does to earn a living.

From my perspective, this is a misconception that can creep into how we think about “ministry.” It is easy to slip into thinking about “ministry” as a spectator sport (think football here) where the masses of the people (Christians) are in the stands and pastors (paid professionals) are the ones on the field. A Christian with a spectator mentality might think like this:

I’ll just let the paid pastors do the work. It’s their job. It’s what they’re paid to do. I’ll just pay, pray, and get out of the way and maybe even critique their performance.

In this analogy, the field is where “the real ministry” happens! “Ministry” should NOT be a spectator sport. However, the field is where God is calling all of His people. He is calling us all to significant “ministry”…to engage in mission in homes, coffee shops, BBQ’s, neighborhoods, schools, gyms, and our workplaces.

Are you on the field or in the stands?

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